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As we introduce you to the grandeur of Maison Du Lac, it’s my pleasure to shine a spotlight on our esteemed partner, Max Home Design, whose impeccable taste and commitment to luxury have left a distinctive mark on this majestic estate.

With a legacy spanning over two decades, Max Home Design has become synonymous with the art of exquisite furniture craftsmanship, seamlessly blending the vibrant spirit of Brazilian artisanship with the elegance of North American design. It is this unique fusion that has transformed 570 Manor Road into more than a residence—it’s a narrative of opulence, comfort, and taste.

Max Home Design is not just a brand; it’s an experience. Each piece of furniture, each stroke of the brush on a custom-designed artwork, each thread woven into the plush fabrics that grace this home, tells a story. It's a story of meticulous selection, of journeying across continents to bring back pieces that are not merely furniture but heirlooms, destined to be part of the legacy of Maison Du Lac.

In this 10,200 square foot mansion, every sunrise not only awakens the serene landscape of Lake Maitland but also illuminates the masterful work of Max Home Design. From the grand entrance graced by a bespoke $50K custom iron door to the crystal chandelier casting its opulent glow over the great room, every detail bears the signature of Max’s dedication to excellence.

The master wing, a sanctuary designed to provide unrivaled luxury, features interiors outfitted by Max Home Design that evoke both tranquility and grandeur. In collaboration with their team, we’ve created a space where the secret safe room and lavish walk-in closets are but a prelude to the holistic luxury experience provided by Max Home Design.

Entertainment spaces, summer kitchens, and bar areas within Maison Du Lac have been envisioned as stages for memorable gatherings, each element curated by Max Home Design to inspire and facilitate the ultimate in hospitality. The outdoor splendor, rejuvenated by a multi-million dollar renovation, is complemented by furnishings that promise comfort and elegance under the Florida sun.

Choosing Max Home Design as the professional interior designer for this estate was a decision born out of a shared vision for unparalleled excellence. Their turnkey solutions have ensured that every corner of this property reflects the very pinnacle of luxury living.

As we welcome you to your potential new home, know that you are not just stepping into a house but into a lifestyle meticulously crafted by Max Home Design. This partnership extends beyond aesthetics, offering you a seamless transition into a world where every detail, every finish, every texture is designed to celebrate the extraordinary.

Welcome to Maison Du Lac, a showcase of luxury lakeside living and the art of making a home a masterpiece, brought to life by the unparalleled vision of Max Home Design.

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